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A nice team getting together!   OldTechniks

A complete new radio market! One that came to be in a somewhat strange manor We are not affiliated with a radio amateur group nor do we possess call signs. HTF Electronics and Krattenboer have teamed up to "set up" our very own radio market. A market that is addressing radio amatures, electronic hobbyists, computer specialists and practically everyone that has some affinity with electronical engineering.

We are looking into a new date for 2018
Stand holder admittance to our terrain starts at 07:00

Publically admittance to our terrain starts at 09:00 and end at 16:00
Terrain admittance closes at 15:00

For more information please visit the page "Information

Image And where wil this market take place?

The event will took place on the terrain of Krattenboer in Geesbrug. On the moment this locating offers us a usable space for over 80 stands, sanitation, catering, and a first aid post. The entree fee was free. With you admittance you'll recieve a ticket for our free lottery. The address of the terrain is as follows:

Energiestraat 22
7917RA Geesbrug

I could go for a nice sandwich!        

On our market we offered catering, our assortment of drinks and food is clear and accessible like sandwiches with cheese and ham ,sausage with bread, hamburgers or meatballs we also offered a select assortment of soda's, and we offered cake with coffee or tea There was no need to rush yourself in order to get something before a product got sold out, we had enough of everything.

The little men's room
Sanitation units be provided for those who "need" to go, the use of this facility is offered free of charge.
  Market Agenda
ON4LEA.Net ON4LEA Europese Radiomarkt Agenda In the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France you can find multiple radio markets but also in other country's are these markets being held. If you like to know where you can find these markets, please visit ON4LEA, The biggest Radiomarket Agenda of Europe